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The 1950s Fun Chat

Join the Pfeiffer Sisters every Monday for the livestream of their 1950s Fun Chat at 8 p.m. Central, when Jackie and Janine chat with a guest about their memories of the 1950s. Peruse the archives below. And watch our Facebook page every Sunday for news about the upcoming guest!

Guest Keith Johnson (January 16, 2023, #71) had this to say about the experience: "A while back I had a opportunity to be interviewed by Janine and her sister Jackie for their You Tube show called 1950’s Fun Chat. I think we all had fun doing it. We must have visited for 45 minutes after the interview was over. I agreed to do it because they have done interviews with other friends I know including [my wife] Becky’s cousin Lynette. If you should want to witness their excellent interviewing skills how they helped me overcome my shyness [take a look below at the] many other interesting interviews that they have done with people from all over the country."

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