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Rusty Windmill


Jackie Pfeiffer McGregor

Living on a farm taught me self-reliance and creativity, which has been beneficial wherever I have lived. The North Dakota prairie instilled in me an appreciation for uninterrupted vistas and the solitude of sparsely populated areas. With that experience as encouragement, I lived for more than 21 years on a beautiful Alaskan island and today enjoy hiking and kayaking in wild places of the northeast Washington landscape.

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Rusty Windmill
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Janine Pfeiffer Knop

Dad was well-known in our area as an innovative farmer and dedicated livestock man, and always wanted to improve the quality of our livestock. From him I learned the difference that genetics and proper animal husbandry could make in the quality of livestock. And from my earliest memories, working with the livestock has been my passion and source of fulfillment.



While the Windmill Watched will entertain and educate readers of all ages, from those who remember the 1950s and enjoy revisiting those times to younger generations who can discover a link to their own roots by learning about the times their parents and grandparents lived in. Treat yourself to a copy, and think about family and friends for whom this would be a wonderful gift back to a time of great social and technological change.

This is the perfect gift for a grandparent or parent, a sibling, cousin or friend. 

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