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Guests "The Fortes," August 22, 2022 (#50)

There were three of them. One sang to the cows as he brought them in to be milked. Another began as a drummer by creatively putting pedals on a suitcase. The third created amps and speakers that blasted sophisticated rock 'n roll sounds. Who was this musical trio? Dan Josephsen, Ray Armstrong, and Howie Anderson better known as The Fortes.

This Midwest rock 'n roll band based out of the Atlantic, Iowa, area copied sounds of the most popular bands in the 1960s. They opened concerts for the likes of The Beach Boys, Tommy James and the Shondells, and others. Did you attend one of their gigs?

As their harmonies brought to light musical memories for North Dakota's The Pfeiffer Sisters, their sound will transcend you to the golden days of rock 'n roll, too!

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