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Guest Rebecca Baker, April 10, 2023 (#83)

The childhood story of Rebecca Baker occurred in Columbia, Mo, in the 1950s at a time when polio was rampant. This polio survivor chats with North Dakota's The Pfeiffer Sisters about her diagnosis and the long-term effects of that disease.

Do you remember putting dimes into a cardboard holder as a contribution to the March of Dimes', "A Dime at a Time"? Jackie and Janine do!

To this day, Rebecca's lifelong joy of personal music education continues to inspire the growth of knowledge obtained with piano and clarinet lessons. Oh, yes, she was a Girl Scout, too, and continues to enjoy those Thin Mint Cookies!

From Columbia, MO, to Republic, WA, and now retired to Florida, our chat with this lovely lady will encourage you to keep developing talents in your life!

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