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Guest Pat Spilseth, Nov. 14, 2022 (#62)

Pat Spilseth, Wayzata, MN , gives insight into her family life as she grew up in a jail--yes, that's right, a jail--in Glenwood, MN., in the 1950s. Was it safe? Was it terror filled?

Pat chats with The Pfeiffer Sisters about the "bullpen," and prisoners whose names included, "Pretty Boy," "Blackie," and "the Dancing Decorator."

You'll be captivated as this delightful guest recalls memories of the 1950s when dancing to polka music played on the Motorola, jiving to the Bunny Hop at sock hops at the Lakeside Ballroom, and the excitement of ice skating in the lineup of Crack-the-Whip!

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