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Guest Ellie Fleury, June 3, 2024 (#143)

"Growing up in The Children's Home (Burlington, Vermont) taught me the value of a family," warmly notes author Ellie Fleury, now of Colville, WA.

You'll affectionately open your heart to Ellie's story of daily life at the children's home, beginning for her at age 6-1/2 years.

Creating plays as a little girl in "the home" in the late 1940s served as the springboard for joyful creativity in the new decade of 1950 when after five years, Ellie and her three siblings were rejoined as a family.

Discover Ellie's wide-eyed excitement when opening the gift of a treasure-filled vaudeville trunk, creating circuses in the woods, and watching the jaw-dropping performances of the New York City Rockettes at the local Champlain Valley Fair.

Using the experiences of her childhood, Ellie became a published mystery author at age 81.

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