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Guest Chris Roules, Nov. 13, 2023 (#114)

"My life is a bunch of highlights and crazy stories," notes international teacher, Chris Roules, Santiago, Chile.

Chris was born in 1957 in Mediapolis, IA where, for a number of years, small-town Mediapolis was known as a highly acclaimed Iowa Girls Basketball Team powerhouse. Chris' athletic prowess as a team member led to Iowa high school sports' fame!

But after college days and with "shaking and trembling," she eventually found herself adventuresomely living and teaching overseas. From Atlantic, IA, to Zaire, Dubai, Shanghai, and now Santiago, Chris shares with North Dakota's The Pfeiffer Sisters about the joys and dangers of her professional and lifestyle choices.

But what influences from the 1950s served as the springboard for Chris' courageous life? You'll fall in love with Chris as she shares her story.

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