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Guest Terri Elders, Feb. 19, 2024 (#128)

North Dakota's The Pfeiffer Sisters chat with a 1950s' California Girl whose life's accomplishments will "knock your socks off"!

Terri Elders, Westminster, CA, recalls her high school days of Jantzen swimwear and baby-oil slathered arms and legs for that picturesque bronze beach-girl look. Have you been body surfing in the Pacific Ocean? That was part of life for Terri back then. Garter belts worn holding up "hose," straight skirts, sweaters with dickeys (remember those) filled the closets of teenage women.

But Terri's chat only begins with this time-capsule recollection. She had a heart for volunteering and felt the call to join the Peace Corps. She did, decades later.

If you enjoy reading the "Chicken Soup" books, her inspiring creative works might have touched your heart and soul. She's been a contributor for decades.

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