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Guest Rev. Bob Polk, April 24, 2023 (#85)

The gripping 1950s story of Rev. Bob Polk formerly of Minot, ND, now residing in Philadelphia, PA, will have you glued to your chair as this FUN CHAT guest of North Dakota's The Pfeiffer Sisters tells of a lifetime of "bridge building" between races.

Bob was the 48th Black person to reside in North Dakota, after having been called to "resuscitate" a church as pastor in the town of Berthold in the early 1950s.

But his story gets more interesting when he shares of his experiences as the YMCA Youth Director in Minot.

But wait, Rev. Bob's chronicle of life expands even further into Minot's mid-20th century history as he shares about the notorious 3rd Street area of that city!

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