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Guest Nancy Short, March 13, 2023 (#79)

Nancy Short, lived many decades of her adult life in Sitka, AK. Yet, her childhood in the 1950s began thousands of miles away on the East Coast.

You'll enjoy the stories of her family's vagabonding in the '50s as they destined from place to place in the South while pulling a trailer home behind the family car. Setting up housekeeping from one trailer park to the next gave Nancy the opportunity to learn the ease with which to make friends. California was the final stop for the family.

Nancy shares with North Dakota's The Pfeiffer Sisters not only her stories of the 50s but also of her exciting adult years in Sitka. Perhaps, you have traveled to Sitka on a cruise ship and watched the New Archangel Dancers perform? Nancy was a long-term member of that Russian dancer performing troupe and tells many behind-the-scenes stories.

All-in-all, throughout this 1950s FUN CHAT with Nancy, your might agree with her parents, "We had a hard time keeping up with her!"

©2023. Janine Knop. All Rights Reserved. No Unauthorized Duplication Permitted.

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