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Guest Ken Roosa, March 20, 2023 (#80)

Ken Roosa's childhood was spent in various places in the 1950s, but most were either in Louisiana or Ohio.

Money was in very short supply during his childhood. Therefore, Ken shares about multiple lessons of frugality that were consistently taught by his mother. Did you wear jeans with "windows" patched in the knees? Ken did as did North Dakota's The Pfeiffer Sisters.

Ken reminisces about the Grit newspaper? Did you read it? Candy bars only cost 5 cents or Cokes were 6 cents each. Did you have nickels and pennies with which to buy them?

The amazing story of Ken's meager life did not stop there as he sought to "pull himself up by the boot straps," thereby, graduating from law school at LSU, Baton Rouge, and becoming a most influential attorney in Anchorage, Alaska.

Follow along as this meandering trail of life in the 1950s and beyond might just be your story, too.

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