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Guest Florine Swanson, May 22, 2023 (#89)

As the long-standing Executive Director of the Iowa 4-H Foundation (retired), one might say that Florine Swanson, Ames, IA, has "lived and breathed" green her entire life!

Journey with North Dakota's The Pfeiffer Sisters as we learn of Florine's extensive history beginning on a Norway, IA, farm where her father's interest in genetically developing the breed of Hereford Hogs came into play.

Florine shares family stories of World War II and then maps out her 4-H story, beginning with club membership and metamorphosing into national 4-H trips and awards along with a 6-month stay in Germany as an IFYE (International Foreign Youth Exchange). You'll love hearing how 4-H opened the door to romance and matrimony!

A peek into pen pals, girdles, and 55 cousins all living within a 10-mile area are other highlights of our chat with Florine. Join us!

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