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Guest Chad Wachter, June 5, 2023 (#91)

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

You might say that Chad Wachter, Bismarck, ND, grew up immersed in the lingo, " One Pizza Burger, flying style, please."

Chad is the present owner of the iconic Boy Drive-Inn at the east end of Bismarck which opened in 1954 by Harley McDowell. As he chats with North Dakota's The Pfeiffer Sisters, you will learn about the history of Bismarck's first drive-through restaurant, the Big Boy's menu, and Mr. McDowell's close ties to Col. Harland Sanders.

Oh, yes, that famous Pizza Burger, flying style, is still on the menu! Have you enjoyed one?

As Chad recalls his heritage regarding the Missouri River flooding in south Bismarck and the development of the Garrison Dam which helped to control that flooding, you'll learn the impact those events had on the Wachter Family, most notably the 28,000 Wachter Ranch, Kirkwood Mall, and the Bismarck Events Center.

Bits and pieces of Bismarck's history come alive in this 1950s FUN CHAT.

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