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Guest "Bandaloni" Paul David, Jan. 22, 2024 (#124)

"Bandaloni," a one-man roving band is the first international guest of North Dakota's The Pfeiffer Sisters. Who is the amazing talent behind that stage name? Paul David, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

What is it like to coordinate one's brain, feet, fingers, really the entire body, to produce a concert of well-loved music from the past, including the 1950s? He'll tell you.

Just in case you might be a little confused as to what a one-man band looks like, we'll show you photographs as Paul explains the various levers and knobs that attach to various instruments and multiple parts of his body.

Have you seen his remarkable performances at state fairs, rodeos, international events, store grand openings or even at your grandchild's birthday party? His performance on the very first America's Got Talent was jaw-dropping!

Hop on board the "Bandaloni" broadcast to learn the remarkable history of this incredible entertainer!

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