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September 29 to October 2 - North Dakota Holiday Shopping Book Tour

Main Street Books, Minot - Thursday, September 29, 5-7 p.m.

Barnes and Noble, Minot - Friday, September 30, 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Barnes and Noble, Bismarck - Saturday, October 1, 1-3 p.m.

Barnes and Noble, West Fargo - Sunday, October 2, noon-2 p.m.

August 19 - InForum magazine article

Read the article covering the news that While the Windmill Watched is now going to be a film!

August 11 - "Bonnie and Friends" - WDAY Radio

Listen in on the conversation The Sisters had with Bonnie Amistadi.

July 20 - Bismarck Rotary Club

The Pfeiffer Sisters joined the Bismarck Rotarians via Zoom.

May 31 - American Historical Society of Germans from Russia

Spend Treffen Tuesday with The Pfeiffer Sisters via Zoom.

May 3 - Corning, Iowa

Janine signed books at Backgrounds Coffeebar and Boutique, where she had her photo taken with owner Sherry Keefe (right).

April 22 - Chewelah, WA

Jackie was such a hit in December, she returned to Akers Drug to sign books!


April 21 - "Let's Talk" segment on KX News

The Sisters were featured on "Let's Talk!"

March 27 - KSOM Radio Atlantic/Audubon, Iowa

Listen in as Janine chats with Tom Robinson about the expansion of the book into the 1950s Fun Chat series.

March 18 - "Backyard and Beyond" - KJAN AM

Janine sat in with host LaVon Eblen and announced the book's IPA honor for 2022 Distinguished Favorite!

December 14 - NDSU Women's Club

The Sisters joined Club members via Zoom.

December 3 - Chewelah, WA

Jackie signed books all afternoon at Akers Drug.

November 23 - University of Mary, Bismarck

Students of Dr. Joseph Stewart's North Dakota  History (History 202) read While the Windmill Watched prior to this November 23 Zoom appearance of The Sisters for a classroom discussion.

November 18 - Private Event, Colville, WA

Jackie was the guest presenter at a private event.

October 27 - Mike Seminary & Friends Podcast

Listen in to The Sisters' conversation with Mike.

October 21 - North Dakota Today Show - KFYR TV

The Sisters joined host Jordan Ziegler

September 2 - Browning (Iowa) Literary Club

Janine joined Club members for a reading and book signing.

July 21 - Rotary Club meeting

The Sisters appeared on Zoom at this meeting in Colville, Washington.

July 16-17 - Dance Party Weekend

Janine spent the weekend in Dallas Center, Iowa, for this event.

June 27 - Atlantic Public Library event

Janine read and signed books in Sunnyside Park.

June 15 - Atlantic Rotary Club

Janine spoke at the Rotary Club luncheon.

June 6 to 11 - NORTH DAKOTA BOOK TOUR!! - Click for the details!

With events in Menoken, Bismarck, Jamestown, Fargo, Nome and Oakes!

June Issue: The Good Stuff

Take a peek at the North Dakota in Print column on page 20 for news from the North Dakota Librarary Association!

June Issue: North Columbia Monthly

Read a review on page 25 in this magazine about the area of Washington where Jackie lives.

May 27 - KFYR-TV

The Pfeiffer Sisters were guests on North Dakota Today. Watch in the archive!

May 18 - KMA Radio - "AM in the AM"

Listen to this live interview with Janine. (You'll need to scroll to find the link.)

Dianne (left)  and Jan (right) attended Jackie's book signing.

May 7 - Signing at Coffee & Books

May 4 - "Main Street" - Prairie Public Radio


Listen to the interview in the PPR archives.

May 1 - Signing at Cappel's Ace Hardware

April 27 - KFYR TV

Watch the interview with Jackie and Janine.

Kathi (left) and Joanne (right) attended Janine's reading.

April 24 - Reading at Sweet Joy Shoppe

April 7 - "Sisters Publish New History..."

April 20 - "Backyard and Beyond"

Listen in to an interview with The Sisters on KJAN radio.


Thank you Devils Lake Press for the coverage.

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