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Guest David Benscoter, May 1, 2023 (#86)

In the state of Washington, he's known as "The Apple Detective."

David Benscoter, was born in the later 1950s and has been a Washingtonian for decades. Now residing at Chattaroy, WA, he chats with North Dakota's The Pfeiffer Sisters about his adult life, much of which had been dedicated to criminal investigation with the FBI.

But, how did Dave's sleuthing personality aid him beyond retirement from the FBI?

Perhaps, it was the centuries ago warning, "Don't drink the water!" which translated into "Drink hard apple cider"! When this warning had been followed even prior to the time the Pilgrims came to America, countless number of human lives had been saved in Europe.

In this FUN CHAT, Dave takes us on an "apple tree" journey through history and its affect on his investigative personality. His present-day personal private-eye life with the lost apple project has helped in the discovery of many distinct apple varieties. You will be fascinated by his discoveries!

©2023. Janine Knop. All Rights Reserved. No Unauthorized Duplication Permitted.

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